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ReImagining Masculinities is cultivating meaningful conversations about healthy, non-violent masculinities. Our hope is to inspire empathy, action, and self-reflections through conversation, education, and awareness.

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ReImagining Masculinities: A History

ReImagining Masculinities: A History

Author: Sheldon Kitzul More currently referred to in many recognizable terms: “the man box”, “men's mask” (as in Masks Off), “toxic masculinity”, among others. You may have heard many of them used. But wait, there's more – it's what is meant when we hear about...

Masculinity and Violence

Masculinity and Violence

Below is a panel discussion on masculinity and violence against women. This interview aired on CFAX 1070 on Nov 29, 2014 and features ReImagining Masculinities team member Sheldon Kitzul. Have a listen and leave your thoughts in the comments below…





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