ReImagining Masculinities: A History

Author: Sheldon Kitzul More currently referred to in many recognizable terms: “the man box”, “men's mask” (as in Masks Off), “toxic masculinity”, among others. You may have heard many of them used. But wait, there's more – it's what is meant when we hear about...

Masculinity and Violence

Below is a panel discussion on masculinity and violence against women. This interview aired on CFAX 1070 on Nov 29, 2014 and features ReImagining Masculinities team member Sheldon Kitzul. Have a listen and leave your thoughts in the comments below…

Small Steps Forward

Change seems like a difficult activity to pursue. We may find ourselves in moments of discomfort and anxiety when the world we thought we knew seems distant. In these moments of discomfort and anxiety, our inclination is to return to the path we have previously travelled…

Becoming a Male Role Model

After releasing the viral video poem Masks Off: A Challenge to men, Jeremy Loveday found himself becoming a role model for the fight against gender violence — and also a role model for male vulnerability. Pillar of the Victoria arts community and poetry slam champion. His…

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