2019: Masculinity Tune Up


November 16, 2019

University of Victoria

Victoria, BC

Thank You

Thank you for helping us have such an amazing conference this year. Thank you for coming out, contributing, having the conversations, and moving forward on the work to Reimagine masculinities.

Join the Conversation


The ReImagining Masculinities Conference is an opportunity to cultivate meaningful conversations about healthy, non violent masculinities. We invite the community to come together in order to encourage understanding and promote change.


This year, we are focusing on starting and continuing conversations about toxic masculinity and how to take the next steps. Take a look at our schedule for a preview of what’s coming this year!


Our venue at the University of Victoria is fully wheelchair accessible.

There are multiple public transit and parking options available to get to the venue.

There will be gender-neutral washrooms in close proximity to the conference rooms.

If you are triggered and/or need to take a deeper debrief after a session, there will be counsellors available to meet with in a private space.

Finding your way

Some of you will be driving to the conference, others will be taking public transit. To help you find your way to the campus and to the conference, we’ve made some maps to help you find your way.

We are in 2 buildings this year! MacLauren Building with the David Lam Auditorium and Cornett B-Wing for the Workshops.

Join us!

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We are currently recruiting volunteers!