We are seeking community and corporate sponsors for the second annual Re-Imagining Masculinities Conference being held at the University of Victoria in fall 2019.

In this cultural moment of #Metoo with  unprecedented awareness about the problems of sexual harassment and gender-based violence, the ReImagining Masculinities Conference will create a space for talking about and imagining new non-violent ways to be men that embrace gender equity and foster healthy relationships.

This event  brings together educators, community partners, and the public at large to engage in meaningful conversations that inspire empathy, self-reflections, and action. Men and boys are a key part of the solution. It is time we talked. We invite and encourage Men and Boys to join us so their voices are heard.

As a volunteer-led initiative, ReImagining Masculinities is looking to partner with organizations like yours to ensure this impactful event is a success.

Become a sponsor for us:

  • Up to $500 cash value: includes 10 conference tickets + listing as a sponsor
  • Over $500 cash value: includes 20 conference tickets + billing as a key sponsor across all promotional materials


Become a partner with us:

  • In Kind up to $500 value: includes 4 conference tickets
  • In Kind over $500 value: 4 conference tickets + listing as a sponsor on the website and webcast


If you are interested in supporting this important community event, please contact us.
Thank you for keeping our fire burning!