Planning Committee

Sheldon Kitzul

Sheldon Kitzul is a Leadership Coach, Social Worker, and Educator. His work provides inspiration for clients through energy, insight, and enthusiasm, and is centred on evidence-based practice and response-based principles. He works from a place where it is evident that sexualized violence is, in our current social malaise, covertly taught as acceptable to boys and girls. As many others have expressed, sexualized violence is a men’s issue and as such, he works toward re-educating boys and men to step out of gendered boxes and put a stop to violence in every form. 

Sheldon earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Victoria and is an Associate Certified Coach, earning that credential through Accomplishment Coaching in Seattle, WA. He currently coaches business owners, executives, and politicians. He also skillfully facilitates meetings and works therapeutically with men experiencing mental illness and addiction. Sheldon’s favourite work activity is delivering his Fathering Greatness workshop for fathers. His community involvement includes sitting on multiple boards of directors and building the ReImagining Masculinities Conference – something he has wanted to do for years.

Jeremy Loveday

Jeremy Loveday is an award winning spoken word poet, community advocate, and Victoria City Councillor. He has been using spoken word and storytelling as a tool for social and political change for the past 10 years through performances, workshop facilitation, and event organizing. In 2008, Jeremy founded Victorious Voices Youth Arts Festival which has given hundreds of youth their first stage to perform on over the past 9 years.

A video of Jeremy’s poem Masks Off – A Challenge to Men went viral online and sparked conversations and debate about healthy masculinities and ending men’s violence against women. Masks Off has been translated into 6 languages and is used in classrooms and advocacy campaigns around the world. Jeremy has performed and given keynotes at Universities, conferences, festivals, coffee shops, and on street corners across North America and beyond. His poetry takes on issues such as climate change, grief, love, gender violence and has been described as “capturing the magic of being alive”.

In 2014, Jeremy was elected to Victoria City Council on a platform of making Victoria more affordable, sustainable, and vibrant. For the past 3 years, he has been working with community members to fight for affordable housing, lead on environmental issues, and make Victoria a fun and inclusive place to live. In 2017, Jeremy was selected as a Vanguard Fellow with Next City, a prestigious position for urbanists and city builders under the age of 40.

Jeremy has wanted to put on a conference like this for years, and he is honoured to listen, learn, and ReImagine Masculinities with you.

Nick Sandor

Nick Sandor (BSW, MA [candi.]) is both the program developer and facilitator of Man Made. Man Made is a community based education program offered by Island Sexual Health Society which challenges male youth in our community to go beyond “boys will be boys” by encouraging the developing a critical understanding of masculinities and skills for healthy relationships and practicing consent. Nick’s professional background is in social work, including youth support work, outreach, housing, and education. Nick was employed by Island Sexual Health Society in 2016,  where he practices community education and program development working with community members from diverse backgrounds and experiences exploring the topics of sexual health, gender, and healthy relationships.

Nick is a graduate student at the University of Victoria working on the topic of masculine subjectivities and social justice education. His research focus is feminist philosophy, lived experience, and knowledge interpretation. Nick is passionate about exploring critical education practices as an opportunity to encourage gender affirming practices through developing the skills required for wellness and community building. He believes that providing opportunities for people to share their stories and experiences is essential for fostering healthy relationships and self-expression in order to challenge traditional scripts of masculinity and creating affirming relationships across gender-based relationships.

Jordan Watters

Jordan Watters is proud to be a School Trustee in the Greater Victoria School District where she has shepherded progressive policy initiatives addressing gender identity and gender expression. As the mother of three, she is passionate about creating safe, caring, and inclusive communities.

Jordan’s social justice activism is wide ranging. She is particularly proud of having participated in and organized events addressing violence against women, showing solidarity with First Nations, and celebrating the arts contributions of people with disabilities.

Jordan is the Research Director for Izen Consulting where she specializes in economic development strategies and labour market intelligence for government, labour, and First Nations. Jordan holds a Master of Arts in Sociology from Queen’s University and a Bachelor of Arts from Bishop’s University. Jordan has researched, lectured, and published in the fields of Education, Sociology, Business Regulation, and Law.  

Tanille Geib

Tanille Geib is a Lover of Humans. She is a sexual health facilitator & curriculum developer, advocate, community leader, creative producer, erotic artist, writer, director, filmmaker, yoga teacher, intimacy coach, and birth doula. Currently she is known as Victoria’s Consent Captain where she supports events to create safer spaces and educate communities on the nuances of consent. To find out more about her work, passions, and upcoming events check out here website:

Nathan Veenhof

Nathan is a queer trans activist and a student at Camosun College and the University of Victoria working on a degree in Health and Community Services. He works with gender-variant children and youth as a group facilitator as well as doing 1-on-1 skills development work with special needs children. He advocates for inclusion and acceptance and for normalizing differences.

Advisory Committee

Paula Greene

Paula has spent over 30 years in social service and not-for profit work. She trained as a social worker and went into children and family work specializing in working with children and adults who had experienced sexual abuse. Her work in the treatment and therapy aspects of her work led to an interest in the arts as therapy and she went back to University to undertake postgraduate training as a Dramatherapist. She continued her work with children at risk and went onto work in a variety of settings including inner city schools and the Royal National Institute for the Blind and ran her own consulting company.

After emigrating to Canada in 2003 she found work as a Children Who Witness Abuse counsellor in Duncan with Cowichan Women Against Violence. She left front-line work to develop skills in administration, fundraising, management, and leadership. Paula kept her interest in working with survivors of assault alive by volunteering with the Sexual Assault Response Team, which is delivered through the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. Her current job as Executive Director of the Men’s Trauma Centre combines her background in trauma work and leadership as well as her commitment to the not-for profit sector.

Currently Paula is undertaking training with the United Way Policy Institute to look at how men can have better access to support, be invited to take responsibility for their actions, and find space to have their stories as survivors heard. She is passionate about working collaboratively to end abuse and trauma for children, women, and men.

Dr Annalee Lepp

Dr Lepp is Associate Professor, Gender Studies, University of Victoria. Dr Lepp trained as a historian and her historical research has focused on Canadian gender, family, and legal history and most specifically the history of marital breakdown and domestic violence in 19th and early 20th century Canada.

Other main areas of research concentrate on trafficking in persons, transnational labour migration, and irregular border movements in the global and especially the Canadian context.

Dr Lepp was a co-founder in 1996 and the current director of the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) Canada, a member organization of GAATW whose international secretariat is located in Bangkok. Work in this area has included human trafficking crisis intervention, advocacy, and acting as the principal investigator for a number of funded collaborative research projects on human trafficking and irregular cross-border movements from a human rights perspective.

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